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Visiware is an interactive studio based in Paris, New-York and Denver, whose 90 experts provide gaming and technology solutions.

Visiware has established itself as the authority in creating rich TV user experiences for gaming and interactive TV. Our portfolio and expertise allows us to offer design, development and integration with multiple technologies and on multiple platforms. We are end-user – last mile- focus and our team made of interactive TV specialists at the forefront of technology and use-case evolution, Visiware provides a complete end-to-end solution for producers, networks, IPTV, cable, satellite, and web operators.

We provide B2B solution in the following areas:

Visiware Second screen platform
Sync2TV & Sync2Ad are the world most deployed and features rich platforms to allow TV producers and channels to launch synchronized social TV interactions and advertising. Millions of TV viewers can simultaneously participate during a TV program via the web, their iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows8, Facebook…. Over 1400 shows have already been run in 24 countries, with the world leading networks.

Create, design and develop custom tailored third party User Interfaces for digital television and set-up boxes, as well as TV applications for TV providers and content companies (for satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT, connected TV, etc.).

Expert in casual gaming, Visiware also operates the internationally leading interactive pay-TV game channel Playin’TV and is the partner and games supplier of most of the world largest digital TV providers.

Key Milestones
2000: Launch in France the 1st interactive game channel for the family, LudiTV (later renamed Playin’TV).
2001: Launch of Playin’TV in the USA.
2002: Creation of a joint venture with the group Fox Kids Europe and launch of the interactive game channel for kids, Fox Kids Play.
2003: Launch the interactive game channel, PlayinStar (Playin’Casino in certain countries)
2004: Visiware is given the award for « Best Developer » and « Best game and entertainment program » (AFDESI International interactive TV Awards) and assures its position as a worldwide leader in Interactive TV Games.
2005: Visiware launches 2 new channels, MiniKids TV and Sensual TV as well as the new mosaic portal on Playin’TV. Visiware is given the « best technology » award (AFDESI International interactive TV Awards) and launches the 1st interactive game channel on a major US cable operator (Time Warner Cable).
2006: Launch of Playin’TV Mobile, Club Playin’TV, Internet flash portal and the Triple Play offer. Visiware factory is now launching its games on 550 devices (300 mobiles + 250 TV + internet) plus the back office to support it all.
2010: Launch « Le Studio »: a new generation design and development house, and PlayinStar: a social B2B skill gaming platform for the web and soon IPTV & cable.
2012: Launch its second screen platform. Already deployed in 24 countries with over 1400 shows powered, for clients like Disney, Endemol, ESPN, NBC.Style, Sony, and some leading ones we can mention…

2012: Launch the Sync2Ad (patent pending) unique rich advertising sync solution.